Phone Sheriff should be put in Jail

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I purchased this parental monitoring service for my child's brand new Iphone5.They say that you need to jail break the phone but they are very vague about what that means and say they don't support it.

The wording around this issue is very carefully crafted. I purchased the product and went through Phone Sheriff's recommended websites for jail breaking. After several frusterating attempts, I called Apple. They said that jail breaking the phone would completely void the phone's warranty.

Phone Sheriff does not tell you this part. In addition, after you purchase Phone Sheriff, you are now dealing with another company, Retinax, which is extremely difficult to work with. You have to submit for temporary user ID and Password to contact them via email. Once you have submitted your comment, you password expires and you have to go through the process all over.

Lastly, when you receive your statement, there will be a foreign transaction fee. There is no indication anywhere on the Phone Sheriff website that you will be dealing with two other layers of of the company. Just who really is Phone Sheriff??? In the end, they will not refund your money.

They try to say that their competitors won't refund either which is a complete lie. I worked with Mobile Watch Dog prior and needed to cancel because we got a new phone which was not compatible. I had no problems at all with Mobile Watch Dog.


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Lmao. That's what you get for buying a CHILD an Iphone 5. :grin

to Anonymous #722121

Seems your iPhone 5 warranty is of a much higher value than your precious child’s online and social safety.Remember why you even wanted to purchase the software in the first place?

Regroup your values.:sigh

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